Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury

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This is the Internet home of The Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury Project, which is dedicated to improving the lives of brain injury survivors and their families.

(Updated December 14, 2010)

Someone you love has suffered a brain injury.

You have so many questions.

The answers are here.

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Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury will teach you:

  • The basics of brain injury, recovery and rehabilitation
  • The wide range of impairments caused by a brain injury
  • Ways to make this stressful time easier for you and your family
  • What you need to know about health insurance and disability pay
  • How a case manager and attorney can help you
  • The factors that influence how well one recovers from a brain injury
  • How to access the wide range of resources available

All profits from this book will be donated to organizations
that support survivors of a brain injury in the U.S. and Canada.

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Praise for Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury

"This book is perhaps the finest resource of specific information needed to cope with brain injury incidents. It is a must read and should be prescribed by all neurologists."
     Pacific Book Review  See the full review

"A brain injury is a devastating, life-altering experience for the patient and the family. As a trauma surgeon for the last thirty years, I see distraught families desperate for comprehensive and easy-to-read information about what the future holds. Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury answers most of their questions in a compassionate and thorough manner. This book is a must read for everyone who wants to understand, confront, and overcome the challenges of living with a brain injury."
     Lawrence Lottenberg, M.D. Associate Professor of Surgery and Anesthesiology, Trauma Medical Director, University of Florida College of Medicine

"For anyone who's ever struggled to navigate through the often devastating wake of sudden traumatic injury, Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury is a highly recommended guide to being fully prepared for any eventuality.Ē
     Apex Reviews  See the full review

"Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury is essential reading for family members and friends. The book nicely covers the ups and downs of recovery with a positive and helpful perspective. The very knowledgeable author has done his homework and offers practical information on a broad range of topics, including the emotional aspects of recovery, an important topic which is often neglected."
     Jeffrey Kreutzer, Ph.D., Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury is a strongly recommended read for anyone dealing with another's brain trauma.Ē
     Midwest Book Review  See the full review

"Every family experiencing brain injury should have Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury. Itís written in such a personal way. Itís so comforting and extremely informative."
     Tracy Porter, Executive Director of Mothers Against Brain Injury

ďSuccessfully Surviving a Brain Injury is a strongly recommended read for anyone dealing with another's brain trauma.Ē  See the full review

"Following a traumatic brain injury, family members are in a state of shock and confusion. They are immediately immersed in a medical emergency and emotional crisis that will change their lives forever. This is a much needed book for caregivers as they travel the long, complicated and uncertain journey toward recovery with their loved ones."
     Susan Hansen, COO, San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

ďI would have to say that this book is excellent in every respect. It has just the right kind of information and encouragement that anyone, the patient and the caregiver, would want to know and need to know. ď
    Book Views by Alan Caruba  See the full review

"This book is a story of love and devotion and a most helpful guide for the families of a brain injury survivor."
     Chuck McLafferty, Former President of the Brain Injury Association of South Carolina

"This book is a Godsend to families whose lives have suddenly been affected by a brain injury. The author guides readers through the challenges of recovery, shares valuable information, and provides comfort all at the same time."
     Deborah D. Palmer, Founder, Brain Injury Connection

"I have worked with hundreds of individuals with traumatic brain injury and family members, and I know that Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury represents a reality that so many people face."
     Deborah Delgado, Traumatic Brain Injury Project Director for the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania

"I wish this book had been available when my husband was injured. Having the term "brain injury" thrown at me with nothing to explain it was terrifying. Garry Prowe spoke with many survivors and caregivers. He tells the story of all of us, and he tells it well."
     Cindy Reed, Tampa, Florida

"The world of brain injury is foreign and scary. I wish we had Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury after our sonís injury. There are many books on the medical aspects of brain injury, but few about the emotions that accompany it. The assurance that these feelings are normal is so helpful! I hope every critical care hospital has copies of this book."
     Deanna Kritch, Elmira, Oregon

"My son sustained a brain injury and we were numb as we walked in the fog. Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury would have made such a huge difference in our understanding of brain injury. Most important of all, it would have given us some very much needed hope. The doctors and nurses do not have the time to even come close to imparting the information contained in this book."
     Judith Hacks, Ontario, Canada

"We have undergone the heartache, stress, hope, and discouragement of our sonís brain injury for nearly six years. Garry Prowe truly understands brain injury. Not only has he lived it, but he has interviewed many others who shared their stories with him."
     Dee Strickland Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona

"I would have given anything to have a book like Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury when we were stumbling our way through the days, weeks, and months of dealing with my sonís traumatic brain injury. It is so complete and easy to understand."
     Joan Dunham, St. Petersburg, Florida

"Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury gives hope to survivors by providing answers to questions we either can't get out due to our injury or don't even know to ask. The most important thing I learned is that the survivor is never going to be the person he was before his injury. But that doesn't mean he still canít be a contributing member of society."
     Dave McGuire, 3-year survivor, Vancouver, Canada

"Successfully Surviving a Brain Injury deals so well with the emotional issues of living with a brain injury that other books skim over or ignore completely. Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining. But it takes exceptional people like Garry Prowe to help others look beyond the darkness."
     Jode Webster, 18-year survivor, Gisborne, New Zealand

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